Bloat in a Goat
We have experienced a few goats get bloat, and have treated them all successfully. This information is just from our experience - we are not vets or professionals. It is what has saved a few goats' lives.

When a goat is bloated, the left side will be hard, and the right side will feel "airy." The goat will be much wider/bigger looking than normal and will usually not want to walk or move around very much. Thus, bloated. Bloat is usually caused by goats either eating too much grain (that they are not used to) or getting out on new lush green pasture. Bloat is a very serious condition and needs to be treated immediately.

For treatment, I always do the following, no matter what the cause, as none of the treatments should hurt the goat.
- give about 1 cup of Oil (mineral, corn, etc), add a couple of big spoonfuls of Baking Soda to the Oil, and either drench it down the goat's throat with a syringe (withOUT a needle) or tube the goat. If you know how to safely tube an animal, it will be a LOT less messy and you will get more down the goat easier, but it is more risky. Never try tubing an animal unless you know how to from experience.
- I always give C&D ANTITOXIN. This will not hurt the goat. It is a water soluble, and this if it is not needed in the gut, the goat will pee it out. This helps balance the rumen and calms things down. A lot of the time, after a goat has bloat, a few days later they will come down with Enterotoximia, and that is a very fast, life threatening situation also. If it is an adult goat, I give about 15 cc of C&D ANTITOXIN, sub-Q, couple times a day until they recover. With a kid, I would give about 5 cc.
- along with bloat, some goats will also get diarrhea. You can let it run it's course, just make sure the goat is drinking and offer then electrolytes a few times a day.
- also, if you have TheraBloat or the like product around, you can give them the recommended dosage for that.
- if you know how to tube a goat, you can tube them and let the air out. Only do that if you know how to tube a goat, safely!

After a goat has bloat, it is always a good idea to give them Probiotics for a few days to help the gut heal.

I hope this helps. Again, this is just our experience. We are not veterinarians or professionals.